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People always ask for my Skin Care Secrets

So Your Skin Care Challenge Starts TODAY!

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This is me, Goody Bag Lady as all the locals and event planners call me. I am very blessed with good genes with traits from both American Indian and Puerto Rican DNA. So this does help, though my sister on the other hand has not so good skin even though we have the same set of parents. She doesn’t take good care of her skin like I do. The first two pictures are recent ones and the last picture I was 18 years old.

The main secret is exactly what I put into my body and use ON my skin which both are very important in skin care. Your skin is an organ, I am sure you know this. I am sure you also know that it is very porous too. Anything that touches your skin is absorbed into the blood stream. This blood will take those toxins you are using on your body and circulate it through every single system within your body. You will continue to have health issues if you are using toxic products on the largest porous “sponge” system on your body. Your skin is the greatest entry point for toxins.

  • You need to be drinking at least a half gallon of water a day.
  • Then you need to look at what you consume.
  • Next is what you actually USE on your skin.


I use the Posh brand. Why, simply because of a few simple yet very important reasons.

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Healthy Poshed Skin ~ are you ready for the challenge? I want to challenge you Today to start taking better care of your skin. Will you take that challenge with me? I will help you every step of the way and help you with the best products to achieve your skin care goals. I also will help you with your health, fitness and nutrition goals too. To help you have great polished yet toxin free and grease free skin every single day, I want you to not just take the challenge but to also receive FREE Posh products too. You can easily do this by inviting your friends to your Online Posh party. It is so simple, just send them to your party link! We all have very busy lives with work, family, pets and friends too. Shopping online allows you to free up time and gas too. No need to drag children out to the store to get your bath, body and other skin care needs. Simply order online and it comes straight to your door! No one coming to your house, no getting ready for anything, just invite and encourage them to buy items from your party. Here is one of the best Offers to encourage them to buy -> FREE POSH! Count You In 😉

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Not only that but this also happens Win More Free Posh

The guest at your party with the largest paid in full order also gets a prize. Winner gets $20 in Free Posh products! Each guest gets will receive a Free Goody Bag after the party whether they buy anything or not.

Plus as a hostess you get many benefits including:

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Here’s A Quick Way To healthy clear skin And order FREE samples

View a few products that are offered

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Comment below questions and anything else we can help you with about skin.

Join the Facebook Skin Care Challenge Group – Sales, incentives and more.



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