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Do you have your In a Pikle yet?


If you are the typical person you will need to get at least one of these to make life in 2015 easier. In a Pikle is a bag that when opened has smaller pouches inside. These pouches are an organized system to keeping things like wipes, anti bacterial wipes, on the go fix it items, first aid, baby items, beauty, flashlight  even a sewing kit. It literally is a bag that allows you to be prepared for ANYthing you come across that will ruin your day. We don’t need ANY of 2015 days to be tough, hard, disappointing or ruined, now do you?

How many times have you needed to have a fast way to remedy an issue on the go? Almost daily, so I know that you will find your Pikle one of the best items to add to keep in your car, bag, backpack and anywhere else, yes including your desk at work!

There is an Essentials Pak, Refill Pak, Skout Pak, Beauty Pak, MacGyver Pak, Eye See U Pak, Baby Pak and A-La-Carte items. You can also get larger and regular interior pouches to add many different items.

There are also other uses and items you can place inside these pouches. Comment below what you will add to a pouch to make things easier for you in 2015. Did you know that if you are a direct sales rep that In a Pikle can help you keep things organized for you too? Talk about On The Go Parties….

I wanted to offer you guys an invite to an In a Pikle party so that we can ALL get a Pikle and share with each other pictures, uses and how this great Pikle comes in pretty handy fairly often. Let’s get organised and prepared for all kinds of life happenings that will come to us in 2015.

Join my party and order your Pikle today 🙂.


So much room to stay organized and carry all you need.

So much room to stay organized and carry all you need.

Look at how much space and how many pouches are inside. There is so much you can put in there for you to use on a day to day basis.

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Comment below what you will put inside your pouches.

Daily Life Savers

Daily Life Savers

Do you see how your 2015 days are coming together now? How much easier will it be when all you need is just am arm length away?

Save your Days

Save your Days

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Order yours Today and be prepared for tomorrow!


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