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Opener 2 Go – Love this Easy to Use Bottle Opener

Do you have trouble or maybe not enough patience to struggle with bottles, can tabs and flip top lids just to open it up and remove what is inside?



























Well, I have found a great bottle opener for you! Opener 2 Go, for my family this was a very much-needed tool. It is so easy to use and carry around too.

Are you annoyed with trying to quickly loosen

  • Bottles
  • Medicine bottles
  • Water bottles
  • Flip Top style containers
  • Cans of soda or similar item
The Opener 2 go is easy to use, I carry it in my backpack everywhere I go, I can use it by myself, it's easy on my hands too.
Sebastian age 10
Product Tester and Reviewer

Then you need Opener 2 Go

Opener 2 Go is great for people with arthritis, RA, Fibromyalgia and many other issues that force us to turn to someone else and say “Hey, can you open this for me please”.

If you are alone at home during these troublesome times, there would be so much frustration, then even worse, the thoughts that come along with it. No need to search for another bottle opener.

Even if you do not have any of the above issues, opening bottles quickly can just be annoying, for instance bottles factory sealed by a robot instead of a human… Yes you know exactly what I am talking about, that is why you just smirked at that thought.

Easy to use and carry

Opener 2 Go can loosen all kinds of bottles from water bottles to medicine bottles. It will even open those pesky cans with tabs even flip top type lids too!

This is why I love it, it is small enough to carry around, yet versatile enough to help me quickly and painlessly open all the things I need.

We open things all the time, at least once a day. How many times have you tried to open something, get frustrated because you can’t or its a struggle? How does it afffect your mood, I know for me and especially my son it affects us negatively and can dampen our happy mood. Why stress, get an Opener 2 Go, it  may “seem small” but in reality we know that it is the small things that can make or break our day.

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Not opening things isn’t something you can avoid, so Opener 2 Go bottle opener is a needed item in every household, whether opening things is trouble-some or not. Get one for each member of your family to carry around with them, the kitchen drawer, yes even have one at your desk, the break room, the garage even.

It fits into a child’s hand comfortably, yet isn’t so large or small that as an adult I am not loosing my grip on it either or it slipping from my hand.

Look at how easy it is to use, here is a video of Sebastian using his Opener 2 Go. Sebastian lives with juvenile arthritis along with poor/low muscle tone, everyday is a constant struggle for him, from waking up to laying down to sleep. We have found a great tool for him to use to help with at least one of his daily issues, the Opener 2 Go! He now uses this everyday, multiple times a day. He drinks lots of water and takes multiple medicines just for the arthritis alone. So imagine the frustrations he had every single day just trying to drink water.

Now Sebastian has a little more freedom, a little less stress and some Independence since he doesn’t have to go looking and asking others to open everything up for him. This has built up his confidence and self-esteem levels, just by introducing him to his own Opener 2 Go.

Embrace your

  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Self reliance
  • Take back your self-esteem and confidence




You can see I use it too, here are a few more videos to see how fast and easy it is to use.

On the go —

Children playing outside and need a quick drink? —

Watch a few more (very short) Opener 2 Go bottle opener showing how to use it on medicine bottles —

Over 50 million Americans suffer from rheumatoid Arthritis or some form of Arthritis in the United States and is the leading cause of disability today. I and several members of my family are part of those 50 million Americans. I have suffered from rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 30 years and I have learned to appreciate the ability to do things that people take for granted such as opening a bottle of soda or water.

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There are many products available to aid people with limited strength and dexterity but none are small enough to take with you outside the home. So I and my family created the “Opener 2 go”.

Opener 2 go is a multiple cap size bottle opener that is small enough to carry in your purse, on your key chain or throw in your glove compartment. Just 2 easy steps to open a bottle:

  1. Hold level on bottle cap.
  2. Turn to open.

Easy to use by all ages. No more asking strangers to open a bottle for you. Using Opener 2 Go you get back that independence that you once had and never thought you would ever do again!

The Opener 2 Go also has a built-in tab opener to help open pop cans as well as soup or vegetable cans. These are just a few of the things Opener 2 go can do. Click To Tweet

Opener 2 Go Mini-View coming soon.

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