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Have you heard of Modere? It is a lovely skin care line to keep your skin silky smooth, and not a hint of grease. The ingredients are of high quality, so you only need a small amount per use. It has a light yet lovely scent. The touch is smooth and silky, yet it is not greasy.

I received the Modere skin care collection to give it a try. I am most certainly loving this brand. It really is smooth, soft and silky, as soon as it touches your finger tips, you can already feel the smoothness of it. It just goes on your skin so smoothly and effortlessly, once it is on your skin, you can see and feel the benefits of it. Modere your skin

First, of course I used the exfoliate. This is an exfoliate that can be used everyday. It doesn’t strip your skin and it isn’t harsh on the skin either. This is something I look for in a skin care product and something I tell others about as well. You need to exfoliate to help remove skin cells and ensure the pores aren’t getting clogged. However you do not want an exfoliate that will feel like scraping your face off with sandpaper. Modere’s exfoliate can be used daily, since it is a gentle and not scraping effect.

The antioxidant gel is what I put on after washing my face with the exfoliate. The antioxidant gel is silky smooth as is the rest of their items are. It seemed to wake up the skin cells and brighten up the look of my skin while making it feel and look supple.

The face moisturizer, which is their anti-aging serum again, it isn’t greasy at all, my skin absorbed it quickly and gave my skin the radiant look of flawlessness.

I have dark circles as well, which is the result of living with allergies. No matter what, it seems like I have some raccoon DNA ha-ha. So, I also use their dual eye creme. That too absorbed quickly, was not greasy and I did notice it allowed that area to loose some of it’s dark look and puffiness as well.

There is an anti-oxidant hair serum, this is so silky smooth. For my hair, it was a mess, lots of frizz due to the hair itself not being healthy. When I applied the hair serum, it smoothed out all the frizz and seem to have “woken” up its liveliness.

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I recommend getting Modere for that elegant skin appearance without all the hassle and greasy feeling, which I never felt.


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