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FarmHouse Fresh Sundae Best – Chocolate Face Mask

What is this Sundae Best? It is a natural ingredient based mask made from Cocoa! It smells exactly like chocolate, and its consistency is nice, smooth creamy and yes chocolate too. 98% Natural vitamin and enzyme rich cocoa, coconut oil and honey mask. Soothes and softens skin while Coenzyme Q10, Ginseng, and Live Carrot Cell extracts reverse free radical damage. Masking my face

Who is Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Face Mask For?

  Scoop Up the Softness


You, did you know that you should be doing a nice face mask once a week or at least bi-weekly? It is excellent for the skin to soak up all those natural ingredients, especially the ones found in Fresh Sundae Best, chocolate mask.

Why use a face mask? To help your skin get rid of oils, clear out the pores and allow the skin to soak up the lovely ingredients from this clay mask. Did you know that by adding a mask to your skin care regimen that it compliments your other products? Many even say that the mask helps detoxify their skin, which is great especially living in the city with all that pollution.



Skin Reboot!

“The Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask is the perfect reboot for your facial cleansing routine. The dark cocoa base smells delicious, and leaves you velvety smooth, soft and clean.” states Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh brands. “More than a whimsical treat, this fragrance free and anti oxidant rich formula is designed to repair the effects of free radical damage without over drying skin, and helps keep up collagen levels and improve skin texture.” Oh so Chocolaty

How do you use and put on your Fresh Sundae Best?





Paraban and sulfate free, the Sundae Best chocolate softening mask is 98% natural. Ingredients include: Kaolin and Bentonite clays; vitamins A, C, E; Co-enzyme Q10; Ginseng extract; Live Carrot Cells; Cocoa; Honey; Coconut Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Jojoba Oil; Macadamia Oil. The Jojoba, Macadamia and Almond oils soothe, moisturizer and calm skin, while Co-enzyme Q10, Ginseng extracts and Live Carrot Cells are powerful anti oxidants that help with healthy skin function. McLinden recommends applying a thin layer of the mask for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Remember do not let fully dry. Luxurious and Smooth Lathering

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  1. Pull your hair back, mine is long, so it tends to get in the way. So don’t forget to pull back as much as you can using a brush into a pony tail.. fair warning.
  2. Use a light exfoliation face wash. This helps open the pores, ensures the skin is clear of surface “pollution” so that when the mask is applied, it works better and can go deeper into the layers of the skin.
  3. Next with your clean  hands, lather on the Sundae Best chocolate face mask. Come on, YES take some selfies, show them off! Show people how you are getting all that lovely skin to cooperate with the elements of nature and put its best skin cells forward. Apply gently, do not rub, lather it on like you are frosting that cupcake that has called your name all week!

  Almost done smoothing it on


Now, you have on your mask, what is next. Understand that a face mask works as it dries on your skin. However never allow any clay mask to fully dry on your skin. Keep reading to find out why. Sundae Best chocolate face mask


FarmHouse Fresh introduces a sumptuous calorie free chocolate indulgence. It is guaranteed to make skin look its Sundae Best. This luscious, thick, kaolin-clay mask pulls impurities and dead skin cells from pores while anti-aging natural extracts infuse skin with nutrients and moisture, softening the effects of wrinkles, sagging and dryness.



  Sundae Best in action

Phases of clay face masks to remember

  • The moist stage, this is the time when your skin is soaking up all the goodness inside of your chocolate face mask.
  • The next phase, as the mask is starting to dry, it is working your capillaries, making them contract and making blood flow all over your face. This is good, you want this blood flow to the many parts of your face.
  • Now, here is the tricky part. Exactly when do you rinse your chocolate off? Before it gets fully dried, this is when you rinse off any mask. If you let it fully dry, it is like taking back its goodness it was just trying to put into your skin. As it dries, it dehydrated the skin, making it dry and quite irritable. This is something you do not want. So make sure that you rinse off your chocolate mask before it fully dries out.
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Now, you have pampered your lovely face and neck, your skin is loving you so much now. It wants you to take some more selfies of how amazing you are to your skin. Go ahead and show it off, be proud that you have great skin all because you used Sundae Best chocolate face mask ;). 5 Minutes after Sundae Best 1st use

My skin is not normally reddish, please note this was after a very hot relaxing shower and I am in the final few weeks of babies arrival – so my skin is not at its best. I love this face mask, it really smells like chocolate, it actually satisfied the “need” for eating chocolate or some other sweet, just by smelling this lovely face mask. A couple of days later, I noticed how my skin was still benefiting from the great and natural ingredients from Sundae Best.

Where can you find Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Face Mask? You can find them at luxury retail boutiques, spas, even resorts such as Hershey Hotel, Halcyan Salon and Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Glen Ivy Resort and Spas, Four Seasons Chicago, The Spa at Camelback Inn, Ritz-Carlton Orlando, The Trump Chicago and Hyatt Regancies just to name a few.

Find a Spa near you – Spas carrying Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Face Mask

Get this product in your own establishment by contacting FarmHouse Fresh.

Check out more lovely products on FarmHouse Fresh Instagram 

We were sent Sundae Best to try and give our honest opinion, please check out our disclosure page.

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