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Action and Attraction event

I attended this amazing event that actually was a two-day long event. I was there both Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm. We learned tons! The seminar was about video marketing, blogging and social media. I need to always stay on top of my toes to make sure that the value I bring to you is top-notch.

Goody Bag Mall is very Social

Please go to hashtag #ReadySetGoSocial to follow along in all the things we were doing. We got in some networking, chatting, masterminding, tools, tips and even made some videos interviewing each other. It was such an amazing event for me to attend. I am excited because in March I will be attending their next weekend event in Orlando Florida. Want to know more, follow that hash tag.

I wanted to post my very first video I have made as a result of some things I have already learned at this event. I will be posting more videos and even Google Plus hangouts with some amazing business owners and event planners. Want to be top of mind, want to be first on the search engines, use Goody Bag Marketing to do so.

Videos here on Goody Bag Mall allows you to further have a voice, connects more with your audience in an emotional way. I was containing my excitement, but you can still tell I am excited. That is what videos do, it creates excitement for your brand, your business and your products and services. Emotions drive sales.

Goody Bag Mall is all about giving and bringing an experience to a customer in a way that really isn’t possible in any other way. Even when they come to your store for a demonstration. They still have their firewall up. Send them home with a nicely packaged goody bag full of samples, information and imprinted items which are your ever green promotional reminders. Send them home with that and watch them come back to you, listen to them tell others about you.

Please take a look at some pictures of highlights and goody bags that helped made the event more fun. Awesome event Goodies




Here is another short clip of me

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And some more pictures collage style.

Prizes and goodies we gotprizes collage

Look at this Smart and Bold group of Action Takers!whole group pic

So I am always telling you guys to be real, be authentic show people who you are and what you are about. So I wanted to bring a glimpse of family life into this post. When I came home from my event, my nine-year old future entrepreneur immediately saw a picture frame i came home with. He has yet to see the books, I pulled them out after he went to bed. He picks up the picture frame and the picture says “I Am A value Producer”. Now these words keep coming to me and it is a message to me to remind me of what i share with others. So back to my son, he picks up this picture frame and this is what he had to say:

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